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Engineering Teams

Ether Consulting can help product design and development teams to release higher quality products. Use Ether Consulting to provide expert advice in crucial areas, to supplement your existing teams to cope with short term peaks, allow you to outsource low-risk tests while you focus your internal resources on new features. Cope with increasing product complexity while maintaining internal team sizes. Our flexible engagement and pricing models aim to deliver maximum value.

Use our benchmarking services to verify that your product performs to expected levels. Whether your focus is on industry standard performance benchmarks such as RFC2544 and RFC2889 throughput and latency, Triple-play performance across multiple traffic classes, system scalability or characterizing of system redundancy features and network failover times, our benchmarking services can be used to check that your products meet their specifications and compare favourably with the competition.

Use our systems test services to check that your products work as part of your whole network solution, interoperate with third party devices and remain stable across different configurations while under multiple network loads.

We are also available on a consulting basis to help you address specific network testing requirements including test strategy development, planning and team management, test process development, test automation and tool evaluation. It is often advantageous to have a third party’s perspective on a product prior to its release. We can provide the experience, tools and focus needed to run a successful exploratory or alpha test to the depth that you require.

However you choose to work with Ether Consulting, you can rely on our commitment to quality and full customer satisfaction, excellent communication and comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to help you release higher quality products.

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