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Services for Enterprises

Ether Consulting can help enterprises and other end users to make the right choices when selecting networking products and solutions. As an independent test lab, our comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data can provide an objective and test oriented perspective on a range of potential network solutions. Our dedicated test teams have the experience, equipment and focus to help you.

Our solutions test service offers proof-of-concept and helps you to be confident that your supplier’s solution works as advertised. Tests can be customised to match your specific network environment providing service to business-critical applications across various levels of network load and failure events. Use our interoperability test service to ensure your new products interwork with existing infrastructure.

If you are yet to select a product, use our competitive analysis service to help you understand the real differences between proposed solutions, and also uncover shortcomings that may impact your decision making process.

Use our benchmarking services to prove that your network is providing the claimed levels of performance and that you are receiving the levels of service from your ISP that you are paying for, including throughput, latency for different classes of traffic, failover and recovery times.

Our system commissioning and fault finding services offer expertise and leverage of our lab equipment to provide you with an independent and detailed commissioning test report or to help with characterising network problems.

Our training services backed by detailed knowledge of networking technologies and protocols can help members of your team gain a detailed understanding of the products and technologies within your network.

However you choose to work with Ether Consulting, you can rely on our commitment to quality and full customer satisfaction, excellent communications and comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to help you select and operate your networks.

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