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Services for Network Integrators

Ether Consulting can help network integrators to sell their products and solutions more effectively. Show that you are prepared to go further than your competitors to provide high quality, proven solutions by using our independent reports to confirm and highlight key benefits. Whether you are focusing on a specific tender or require a generic report, we have the experience, equipment and focus to help you with your network testing requirements. Our flexible engagement and pricing models aim to deliver maximum value.

Our solutions test services provide the assurance that your supplier's products work as advertised and give your clients the confidence in the solutions you provide. Our tests can focus on typical deployments or be tailored to a specific customer project, incorporating interoperability tests where your customer's network includes specific 3rd party devices.

Our system commissioning and fault finding services offer expertise and leverage of our lab equipment to provide your clients with an independent and detailed commissioning test report or to help with characterising network problems.

Use our benchmarking services to prove that your networks are supplying quoted speeds per class of traffic.

Use our competitive analysis services to help you understand and highlight the relative strengths and weaknesses of the products you offer as oppose to those of your competitors and check that the competitors’ products can really do what they claim. Our detailed knowledge of networking technologies and protocols can help you gain a better understanding of the products, solutions and technologies that you sell.

However you choose to work with Ether Consulting, you can rely on our commitment to quality and full customer satisfaction, excellent communications and comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to help you sell your products and solutions more effectively and provide an enhanced level of service to your customers.

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