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Services for Carriers & Service Providers

Ether Consulting can help carriers and service providers to make the right choices when selecting networking products and solutions for their backbone networks. As an independent test lab, our comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data can provide an objective and test oriented perspective on a range of potential network solutions. We can also help you sell your services to customers more effectively. Show that you are committed to delivering high quality proven solutions by using our independent reports to confirm and highlight key benefits. Our flexible engagement and pricing models aim to deliver maximum value.

Our solutions test and competitive analysis services can provide the assurance that your supplier’s solution works as advertised. Tests can be customised to match your specific network environment providing service to business-critical applications across various levels of network load and failure events. Use our interoperability test service to ensure new products interwork with existing infrastructure.

If you are yet to select a product, use our competitive analysis service to help you understand the real differences between proposed solutions, and also uncover shortcomings that may impact your decision making process.

Use our benchmarking services to help you show your customers that your service performs to committed levels, supplying quoted bandwidth per class of traffic and meeting industry-standard benchmarks including RFC2544 and 2889 throughput and latency. Also give confidence that your service can scale to the quoted levels and recover from network failures within the times advertised.

Our system commissioning and fault finding services offer expertise and leverage our lab equipment to provide specific clients with an independent and detailed commissioning test report or to act as an independent party when characterising network problems.

However you choose to work with Ether Consulting, you can rely on our commitment to quality and full customer satisfaction, excellent communications and comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to help you sell your products and solutions more effectively and provide an enhanced level of service to your customers.

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