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Sales & Marketing Teams

Ether Consulting can help marketing teams to sell their products more effectively. Use our comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to highlight your product's capabilities and key marketing messages. As an independent test lab we can add weight to your marketing campaigns, or simply augment your existing test and analysis efforts during busy times. Reports can be tailored to internal and external audiences. Our flexible engagement and pricing models aim to deliver maximum value.

Use our benchmarking services to help you to show customers and internal sales teams that your product performs to expected levels, meeting industry-standard benchmarks including RFC2544 and 2889 throughput and latency. Our benchmarking services can also give confidence that your device can scale to the levels and recover within the times claimed in the data sheet.

Use our solutions test services to confirm and demonstrate that your multi-device solution can support key use cases and can be tailored to typical customer deployments or specific customer accounts. Our interoperability test service can provide the assurance that your products interwork with your customers’ existing infrastructure.

However you choose to work with Ether Consulting, you can rely on our commitment to quality and full customer satisfaction, excellent communication and comprehensive reports backed by quantitative test data to help you to gain customers and sell your products more effectively.

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